Contractor Company Membership

In 1908, Theodore Roosevelt said "Every man (or woman) owes a part of his time to the business or industry which he is engaged. No man (or woman) has a moral right to withhold support from an organization that is striving to improve conditions within his sphere"  Profound words for his time and also true today!

Joining the MN PHCC as a Contractor Member gets you benefits at a state, national AND a local level*. Membership is at the company level and ALL employees receive the benefits! Membership is calendar year based and runs from January 1 - December 31. Membership is not pro-rated at any time during the year. 

There are dozens of membership and it can be overwhelming which is why we've provided you with links to those that are applicable. Click and explore. The tools and resources you'll have at your fingertips will enhance your business and your employees. Call us at (952) 564-3060 to talk through them if you like! 

Benefits included at the National level:

Benefits at a Minnesota level:

*Applicable where local chapters are available.

Not enough? Check out this facts sheet from National about the amount of money you'll save by joining the PHCC. Click here!


Joining PHCC for the first time? Brand new members get a discounted rate for joining! Instead of the annual membership fee of $1,350, you will only pay $1,095 your first year!

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Renew your 2019 membership today to avoid a lapse in your benefits! 

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