Licensing & Bonding

MN PHCC offers assistance in obtaining plumbing, mechanical, and technology bonds for both members and non-members. Members of MN PHCC receive a discount for this service. To learn more about membership and the additional benefits, click here.

MN PHCC’s renewal service includes the following benefits:

  1. MN PHCC uses a blanket bond issued by Federated Insurance, which allows us to provide your bond at a low price.
  2. Once you submit your completed paperwork and the applicable fee, we review your materials for accuracy and completeness, obtain your new bond from Federated, and submit the whole package to the Department of Labor and Industry for approval.
  3. We monitor your application’s progress through the approval process and advocate for your company in the event there are any delays.
  4. We keep a copy of your documents on file in the event a question arises at a later date.

If you would like to take advantage of MN PHCC’s bond renewal service, please contact the MN PHCC office at 952-564-3060 or email [email protected].